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If you’d told me that I’d be sharing a Miley Cyrus cover of Jolene because it’s really great, I would have laughed in your face … and yet.

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Who needs traffic lights? Not the drivers in Ethiopia - Video

This made me so uncomfortable.

I dont understand…

I really want want to know how this traffic system developed cause there has to be some type of rules to this

correct, there are very few street lights, and often they dont all work, so you go when the red turns off. there are even less walking signals because people just go when the cars do. to be fair, this is the largest street in the city, next to the a really popular area, so much of the city isnt this bad

I love there’s almost like schools of cars, like schools of fish. :D It makes me want to know more about how this intersection works and how people decide when to go, when to stop, when to go again. Is it just a giant game of chicken? Doesn’t look like it. But there are definitely instances where larger groups of cars all go and stop and go together.

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-triumphant eagle shrieking-

I just called Safeway and it turns out they haven’t gotten through all the interviews yet. :D

:D :D :D


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do you have ever have a night where you’re so tired you’re about to cry, but you don’t have the energy to get up and go through the ritual of getting ready for bed so you just stay where you are and poke around online hoping something will be interesting.

i am literally crying a little bit right now.  i just want everything to be okay.  but no matter how confident i felt after my interview, no matter how hard i’ve tried and how long it’s been, no matter how badly i need it or how badly i want it, no matter how much friends and family may be hoping for me, i know down in my heart that i’m not going to get this job.

i know that i’m not going to get this job or any job and i’m going to continue dipping into savings to keep myself here with bf and mochi because i don’t want to go home, and i’m going to get more disapproval my my parents and grandparents and god FUCKING dammit it doesn’t matter what you say about paving your own way and giving no fucks, they’re my family and it hurts.

i want the shower to be clean and not clogged up so i can go sit in it for the rest of forever.

i don’t want to deal with any of this.

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I need to call Safeway as early tomorrow morning as possible, like 8 or 9am, and it’s not 12:40am, so I should go to bed.  But I’m really fucking tempted to make some caffeinated tea and stay up all night playing Paper Mario.

But that would probably be a poor life choice since I need to get things done tomorrow, drive 3+ hours on Friday, and be on a normal sleep schedule this weekend.


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I don’t think you annoy anyone with this, friend. c:  It’s a perfectly reasonable request!  I try really hard to use neutral pronouns for you since the last time you requested it.  I don’t think anyone is going to be affected at all by you asking that, everyone has the right to be identified how they want to be, including you. -hug- 

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Please please please think about what you’re saying because even if you’re trying to help certain things can be received as triggering or offensive. Be kind, be thoughtful and be supportive because everybody has a struggle to face. Thank you for reading have a lovely day :)

gonna add, “I have (blank) and you obviously don’t have it because you can do (blank) and I can’t.”